main role in a short film by David Williamson

15 min

04.12.2020 Jan Sulmont

“Ada is on trial before the court of assizes. Did she really commit that bloody murder? As far as she's concerned, she's told enough to the detectives. She does not speak a benevolent word in court. She'd rather die.

What a beauty in this breathtaking melancholy poem. Keren Kraizer, a Brussels-Israeli performer and photographer, plays Ada with a subtlety that takes your breath away. The artist previously worked with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. It looks like a performance by Marina Abramović: the emotions flow from her face, while she is barely breathing. Like Nicole Kidman in ' birth', Kraizer is filmed in close-up for minutes. It can't be a coincidence that her hair is suddenly cropped, just like that of the grieving Kidman in Jonathan Glazer's film. Every trembling lip or glance – even once straight into the camera – further increases the tension.”

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