concept: Keren Kraizer
collaborators /preformers: Eimi Legget, Fouad Nafili, Keren Kraizer

40 min

The work brings to the forefront a discussion on the power of image in our society (body image, photos, videos). The political power, the social significant, the manipulative power, the impowering potential. We all use this power, for better or worse, in person and public; the power to create, to manipulate, to distirbute has become part of the constant flow of daily life. The work deals with questions about the limits of privacy in a monetary world, it questions censorship and self censorship, it exposes the ‘behind the scenes’ of images, and by expanding the frame, also enters into a discussion about reality and truth(s).
The work is not cynical, but provocative. The work is not peacefull but respectfull, it tries to enter a critical yet delicate dialogue with the audience. The work has no documentation and will remain undocomented.