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work in progress

film name : cracks

approximated time: 45 min
experimental journal documentary

I started documenting my life in the last year, and along the way realized I'm on journey for finding a sense of belonging.

I film my unsettled search, the people I encounter and the contrasting landscape I move through.  I wish to share in this film intimate complexities in parallel to the wider issues they resonate with.


silenced questions are surfacing from the bottom of  the land:

dose longing to a imaginary space serves as better glow of society,  then the belongings we found?  What is the Israeli cultureת and what can be its future ?can we be settled , shelter and safe, without becoming settlers, violence, superior of others? can I feel a part of something I resist?  How to love and hate a place at ones?

I'm in a unique point in my life, where i consider coming back ‘home’, to my family,  to my home land, the ‘holy’ land, after living for almost a decade in Europe.

why running into the fire while everyone is running the other way?

what's in this place that keeps pulling me in,  what kind of belonging and stability this place give me,  and on what freedom I will let go of, on the way to find self-center that is also aligned with a place?

from Jerusalem to Brussels, south America and remote canary islands, I wander and wonder, reflecting while moving , meditating on those questions.

I find myself in a kind of contemporary self-exile / pilgrimage / migration, on the endless Jewish nomadic rode, the path no one sure if it’s a ceruse or blessing.

in the background of all of that, a historical political chaos in Israel, my home,
and under all that, the occupation, the Palestinians ongoing Nakba, fueled with blood, on the endless highway of violence and trauma.

the ‘democracy ‘ i was thought in childhood to believe i live in, is now crumbling, cracking open, exposing the deep society's identity crises. The agendas and regime that install the apartheid terror in the occupied lands is now using the same technics and aggression, turning against its own people.


The film core is in the question; where to be, but also, how to be , differently.

filmaker/ DOP/editor
one screen channel


a film by Keren Kraizer
40 min

The film , shot this last exceptional year, lies between an experimental documentary, poetic dance video, a travel journey and a jurnalistic testimony of the time. It follows temporary communities, ephemeral assemblies, groups of people in search of resilience or resistance, in their contexts:
Lanzarote, a volcanic island, a non-politicized landscape that hosts the passersby, a community of travelers and nomads that search for alternative ways of habitating. This land holds space for suspense, adventure, friendship, intimacy, playfulness, the pleasure of silence and the impotence of dwelling.
Israel, Jerusalem, a political vortex, a land of all the goods and all the gods claimed by everybody. In an endeavor to suspend, prevent, or change the current catastrophe, the normalization of a sick government, the protesting community engage by placing their bodies on the tragic theater of the public square, disturbing the order by simultaneously performing anger and love.

With gratitude to these people I have lived a fragment of time with.

Reflection paper (my thesis)


Full movie on vimeo


password: parts